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Benefits of sunlight and vitamin D

Like a lot of op-eds, this one in Pop Sci is a classic example of the importance of what is NOT said. Also, my suggestion of increased sunlight exposure is more of a “in addition to”, not a “either or” situation.

What they hinted at: flu-like and respiratory infections increase in the fall and winter when most people spend more time in doors. What they *failed* to elaborate: the increased rates have a proportional correspondence to decreased sunlight.

Vitamin D and infrared light (sunlight has over 52% infrared) inhibit the major cytokines in COVID-19 pathophysiology. Taking vitamin D is helpful but not as effective as direct sun exposure.

The major cytokines in COVID-19 pathophysiology, including IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-a, responded positively to PBM therapy and opened a new window for inhibiting and managing a cytokine storm within only 3-10 days

In my opinion, there should be more emphasis on how to build yourself up for when, not if, you get an infection.