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105 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY

Solutions are the accumulation of small actions: acupuncture

— Williamsburg acupuncturist, specializing in sports and orthopedic conditions —

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or weekend warrior, DM Acupuncture focuses on treating musculoskeletal conditions so you can perform at your highest level without pain and discomfort.

Are you needle sensitive or hesitant to try acupuncture? Don’t worry, there are other modalities which can help.

Acupuncture service


Acupuncture originated in China over 2,500 years ago and is still used as a primary health care system throughout the world. Learn more

cupping service


Cups draw up the skin and open up the skin’s pores, which helps to stimulate circulation. Learn more

moxa service


Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb, to facilitate healing. Learn more

Triomph Fitness, Health, & Wellness

We have aligned with Damian McCleod Acupuncture, and it has been a win for us. Our first workshop together received amazing feedback from our clients. His acupuncture technique, the benefits (many clients claimed immediate lessening of pain, aches, etc…, after that initial session), and his intuitive nature. We just had our second workshop- it was so packed, even I couldn’t get an appointment…and I own the place 😃! Our clients workout hard (pro-athlete hard) and Damian McCleod Acupuncture is just what they need for a balanced lifestyle of fitness, health, & wellness.

Adriane Stewart

Due to a combat-related sport’s injury, I broke my leg at the ankle two years ago, in two places, at 47 years old. I was panicked at having a steel plate surgically put in with 27 bone staples. Following the operation, Damian created a robust and innovative Treatment Plan that got me up and walking again in less than three months and running long distance again in five months.

He focused on the principles of Chinese Medicine, prescribing bone broth, “bone mending” pills and drainage acupuncture and massage. He is also an expert in physical therapy principles, which truly helped me regain flexibility and mobility in my lower leg again. Most of all, because of his unique and strategic approach to bone healing, I did not need to take ANY of the prescribed opioids/ painkillers. Instead, his acupuncture and massage techniques drained swelling from my leg and allowed my body to heal itself naturally with very little discomfort.

I recommend Damian McCleod as an acupuncturist and overall healer for anyone who is interested in the most healthful aspects of mastering their bodies for a better life

Daphne Faldi

I visited Damian for acupuncture treatments to resolve ongoing pain in my right knee. He was extremely professional and courteous. He explained what could be causing my knee pain and how the treatment would alleviate and cure me. I felt a huge difference after my first treatment and went on to receive weekly treatments. It is now a year later and no longer wake up with knee pain. He is very talented and knowledgeable and I plan to return for more sessions for other issues.

— Daphne Faldi

Jill Burdick

Super professional, knowledgeable and proficient. Made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. I would definitely go see him again for any health issues or injuries! Highly recommend Damian!

— Jill Burdick

Myrtle E. W.

Greetings to all if you wonderful people. It’s a beautiful day and I’m feeling happy especially after suffering from severe lower back pain for over 2 weeks. I could barely walk and no pain medicine was helping. Even spent a day in the hospital with no relief but more pain meds.

I had acupuncture by Damian McCleod. Acupuncture works!!!!!
I highly recommend it and this young man is excellent. He also does CUPPING. I have to say thanks to my daughter for this because I woke up the next morning able to get out of bed on my own and walk.
I’m thankful.

04 Feb: Biomedical Engineer sounds alarm on “dangers” of acupuncture. No one listens.

Forbes writer and professor of Biomedical Engineering Steven Salzberg writes an unhinged word vomit op-ed filled with contradictions, conjecture, and…

Damian McCleod L.Ac.
Damian McCleod L.Ac.
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