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What should you know about COVID-19 Treatment

With so much information (and some misinformation) about the virus. I wanted to share an excellent presentation by Dr. Chens on treating COVID-19, where he thoroughly discusses both western and eastern treatment methods. Just as important as it is to take precautions, it’s equally so to arm ourselves with accurate and well researched data.

I know there is a mix of biomedical and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine Jargon), so feel free to contact me if you’re not clear or would like me to elaborate on something. Here are some key take aways from Dr. Chen’s presentation.

  • approximately 70% of the population will be infected
  • about 80% of those will recover
  • Most patients have mild illness. They don’t require medical attention and aren’t counted.

A full list of TCM references for coping with COVID-19

What am I doing to help my immune system fight off pathogens?
1. Daily exercise
2. Drinking tea to support my immune system and lung function; what’s in it — glad you asked.

Lonicerae Flos (jīn yín huā)
• kills germs from the throat and upper airways.

Weeping Forsythia (lián qiào)
• Eases inflammatory conditions
• Relieves conditions associated with influenza and common colds
• Soothes pains experienced during urination

Dried Tangerine Peel (chén pí)
• Regulates circulation of bodily fluids for digestive functons
• Strengthens physiological functions of the Spleen
** Removes phlegm

Milkvetch Root (huáng qí)
• enhances immune function

Cassia twig (guì zhī)
• Eases symptoms of influenza or related respiratory ailments
• Ideal herb for individuals experiencing cold and frequent pain in the extremities
• Relieves symptoms of poor fluid circulation in the body
• Eases symptoms of irregular heartbeats.

** Why is this function important? Because clinical research has shown that phlegm is a major pathogen of the virus, which obstructs the airways.
“The highest viral loads in the JAMA study were found in sputum, the authors note, with moderate loads in nose-throat swabs,”